Film Update from Turkey

Film Update from Turkey

I’m pleased to share the first update for my forthcoming documentary film project. Please pass it around and share it amongst your various networks.

We continue to have some significant financial needs to complete the film. If you are able to give toward the project in small or more significant ways, there are presently two ways to give:

To send a tax-deductable donation by check, make it out to “I2 Ministries” write nothing in the memo line and send to:

Joel Richardson
Grandview MO
PO Box 776

If you wish to make a non-tax deductible gift online, you may use the following button:


Thank you for your prayers and support! I look forward to sharing more details and updates in the days ahead. Blessings!

12 Responses to Film Update from Turkey

  1. Jose Martinez says:

    Hi Joel:

    Do you have a membership area, email subscription so I can get notify when you have new stuff: books, videos, etc?

  2. Great footage and great music!

  3. good4u says:

    Oh Joel! This is a moving and challenging trailer you have posted. May the impact and completion of the film be everything you want it to be to God’s glory and calling. My prayer is for missions will be greatly impacted here for good and the film to be the catalyst as the instrument of change in our Christian churches. Praying for your continued safety and truthful reporting and fine professional production quality.

    God’s speed and protective hand upon you!


  4. John Glueck says:

    Great footage and impact statement…looking forward to the film. As Jewish believers, our hearts desire is to see the nations of the Middle East transformed by the grace of God. You are making a significant difference. Thanks for your great work!

  5. Joel says:


    We do not as of yet have a membership area. My apologies. Blessings.

  6. Jeff says:


    Do you guys know when this film is going to be released?? Can’t wait to see it! God bless you in all that you are doing.

  7. Joel says:

    Hopefully by year’s end.

  8. good4u says:


    It is disturbing to see on cable news the merciless slaughter of our Coptic Christian brothers and sisters who are unfairly blamed for the removal of Morsi. The unprovoked attacks are something being instigated at the hands of Islamists. My question to you is did you get to meet with any of the Coptic brethern there and how we can help them in tangible ways? The MSM and the WH are deaf and blind to their plight and the danger they are in, did you also witness the same while in Egypt?

    Somehow, I feel this is a harbinger that the Church should be paying attention to and bring it to light so pressure can be applied to stop this travesty of murder. Thanks, Joel.


  9. good4u says:

    ^^^^^^^Thanks Joel!^^^^^^^^^

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