Islamic Antichrist paperback to be released

In Turkey: Wild cheers among leaders amidst calls to invade Israel.

If I had not been warning of this for the past ten years, it would be rather shocking. Read the full story at WND.

The 2,300 Evenings and Mornings of Daniel 8

Joel Richardson One of the Danielic passages that has plagued interpreters is Daniel 8:14, wherein two angels, Gabriel and another, are discussing the vision of Daniel 8, specifically the little horn, the desolating sacrilege he will carry out against the Jewish temple, and how long it will take for these things to be completed, untilContinue Reading

Arab Spring / Christian Winter

Eleven years ago, as I was in the process of writing my first book, (which would later be renamed Islamic Antichrist), I came into contact with two other brothers who were working on similar books. I cannot remember exactly how the thee of us came into contact, but it was clearly providential. All three ofContinue Reading

Islamic Antichrist

Just a heads up. In February, WND Books will be releasing the softcover of the NYT Bestselling Islamic Antichrist. When they do this, the Hardcover will be discontinued. If you have been meaning to grab one, but want a hardcover, now is the time to do it before they go away.

The Dove Podcast

I appreciate the opportunity to have been on the Dove podcast this past week. Roughly 30 minutes. Check it out.

Destination Jerusalem

I was very excited to see that my friend Chris Mitchell, the Middle East Bureau Chief for the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has just released this new book. I was blessed to be able to read a pre-pub review copy. I cannot more highly recommend this book, (or anything that Chris has written). For theContinue Reading

The Coming Bible Prophecy Reformation

A Bible Prophecy Revolution is Taking Place By Rodrigo Silva For the past decade many voices in the field of eschatology and Bible prophecy have in the midst of much opposition been proclaiming that Islam is the system that will bring the Antichrist to power in the last days. Voices like Walid Shoebat, Joel Richardson,Continue Reading