Antichrist, Turkey, and the Coming Caliphate

For those who want a thorough analysis of the current situation in Turkey, along with a detailed Scriptural examination of the Battle of Gog Magog and its relationship to Turkey, this new teaching DVD will answer all of your questions.















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~Dynamic 2 DVD Five Session Teaching set
~Turkish Islam: The Past 80 Years
~Is Gog the Antichrist? A Historical Survey
~Why the Scriptures teach that Gog is the Antichrist
~Where is Gog from: Russia or Turkey?
~Revelation 17 and Daniel 8: Revealing What Comes Next

Antichrist, Turkey and Coming Caliphate


Caliphate Bundle

~Mideast Beast Book Plus Joel’s Latest Teaching DVD:
~Dynamic 3 DVD Six Session Teaching set
~The Covenant Promises of God
~Romans 11, When Will “All Israel Be Saved?”
~Until I make Your Enemies a Footstool
~The Coming Restoration of Israel
~Matthew 24: The Great Tribulation and Jacob’s Trouble
~Matthew 25: Who are Jesus’ Brothers

Antichrist, Turkey and Coming Caliphate


Monday and Tuesday Evenings, July 25-26

I’ll be sharing at Morningside Church in Blue Eye, Missouri about what is unfolding in Turkey. Tune in to the live-stream.

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