Arab Spring / Christian Winter

Eleven years ago, as I was in the process of writing my first book, (which would later be renamed Islamic Antichrist), I came into contact with two other brothers who were working on similar books. I cannot remember exactly how the thee of us came into contact, but it was clearly providential. All three of us agreed that Islam was likely to be the final system of the Antichrist, all three of us also had a heart for Muslims and seeing the gospel go forward in the Muslim world. The third opinion that we all shared was that none of us believed in the pre-tribulational rapture. As such, we all believed that it was necessary to prepare believers for what we believed was coming.

The two men were Robert Livingston who wrote Christianity and Islam, the Final Clash, and Ralph Stice, who wrote From 9-11 to 666. To this day, I still highly recommend both books.

It was a joy last summer to finally meet Robert Livingston face to face in Istanbul for lunch and a few cups of Turkish coffee. After having first “met” via e-mail over a decade before, it was wonderful to finally sit down with such a high-quality brother to discuss our mutual love for Muslims as well as the political earthquake that was at that time rocking that nation.

To date, I have yet to meet Ralph Stice face to face, but I’m quite sure that in time we will be able to make that happen. I do want to say this however. From 9-11 to 666 remains to be one of the most thoughtful treatments of the Islamic End Time theory that has been written. It is a book written from a lifetime of experience living among, and truly getting to know countless Muslims.

And so I am truly excited by the fact that after a decade since his last book, Stice has now released another book, Arab Spring, Christian Winter. It is now available on Amazon as a paperback or a Kindle book. I encourage everyone to get a copy and give Stice’s words serious consideration. As I said, Stice is an original thinker and an excellent writer. I promise that you will enjoy this new release. Be sure to leave a review on Amazon. Blessings all.

Islamic Antichrist

Just a heads up. In February, WND Books will be releasing the softcover of the NYT Bestselling Islamic Antichrist. When they do this, the Hardcover will be discontinued. If you have been meaning to grab one, but want a hardcover, now is the time to do it before they go away.

The Dove Podcast

I appreciate the opportunity to have been on the Dove podcast this past week. Roughly 30 minutes. Check it out.

Destination Jerusalem

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The Coming Bible Prophecy Reformation

A Bible Prophecy Revolution is Taking Place By Rodrigo Silva For the past decade many voices in the field of eschatology and Bible prophecy have in the midst of much opposition been proclaiming that Islam is the system that will bring the Antichrist to power in the last days. Voices like Walid Shoebat, Joel Richardson,Continue Reading

Israel, Islam and the Harvest Conference

If you live in or near the DC, Fredericksburg VA area then come to the Israel, Islam and the Harvest Conference:

When a Jew Rules the World

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The Coming Bible Prophecy Reformation

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