The Underground Episode 41: Encouragement for Evangelism

The Underground Episode 40: Gog Magog Rising?


Gog Magog (Bible Study) Bundle

Gog Bundle

~Mideast Beast book. A thorough explanation of the Scriptural foundational for an Islamic Antichrist.
~Three detailed chapters addressing Gog of Magog
~Teaching DVD featuring two sessions on Gog Magog
~Two additional sessions.

Gog Magog Bundle

The Underground Episode 39: Miraculous Testimonies from an Underground Pastor in the Middle East

Global Catalytic Ministries

The Underground Episode 38: The Global Jesus Revolution

The Global Jesus Revolution is available now. When you purchase it here, you help support my ministry. And please be sure to write a review on Amazon. Thank you so much. Joel The Global Jesus Revolution (documentary film) USA $15.00 USDCANADA $18.00 USDINTERNATIONAL $22.00 USD

Global Jesus Revolution Now Available

At the end of 2012, I felt a very strong prompting from the Lord to pursue creating a documentary. Of course, I had never created a film before and had absolutely no experience with audio-visual media. Writing a book is quite different than creating a film——especially a documentary that involves traveling all over the MiddleContinue Reading

The Underground Episode 37: The Unseen Realm With Dr. Michael Heiser

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ~The Gospel of Christ Crucified: A Theology of Suffering Before Glory, by John Harrigan ~SuperNatural: What the Bible Says about the Unseen World and Why it Matters by Dr. Michael Heiser Biblical Worldview Bundle (Two Books) USA $30.00 USDCanada $36.00 USDInternational $50.00 USD ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ~An easier to read, shorter version of Dr. Heiser’s moreContinue Reading

Is Ezekiel’s Gog a Leader From Russia? A Historical Survey

The purpose of this article is to catalogue a partial list of historians, Bible scholars, commentators, and teachers, both Jewish, Christian, and secular, whose interpretations of “Gog of Magog” of Ezekiel 38-39 conflict with the modern/popular view that Gog is a Russian leader and eschatological character distinct from the Antichrist. Click here for the PDFContinue Reading

The Underground Episode 36: The Timing of the Gog Magog Invasion